Aviation laws and processes are not just stringent, but could also change from country to country. A slight slip-up could lead to a domino of unfortunate incidents and huge losses. The documentation and procedures could also get overwhelming for anyone who isn’t in the know of things. Our clients benefit immensely from our experience in all these areas, making us their favoured one-stop aviation solutions partner.

We offer a wide range of Station Management Services, Loadmaster Services and Charter Operations.

Station Management Services

  1. Co-ordination with various authorities like:
    • Government/s
    • Airport Authorities
    • Outsourced vendors
    • Catering services
    • Apron for slot
  2. Reporting of incidents/accidents as per procedures set out in the Operations Manual
  3. Request, Receipt, Assembly and Delivery of flight documentation
  4. Ramp-Handling Supervision
  5. Warehouse supervision
  6. Fuel arrangement co-ordination
  7. Certified Ground Security Coordinator (currently for Atlas Air)
  8. ULD report and Post-Flight Reporting
  9. On-flight representation
  10. Crew assistance:
    • Crew alerts
    • Crew coordination
    • Hotel reservations
    • Transport


Carrying cargo is not just great responsibility, but an amalgamation of art and science. The perfect weight, the spot-on balance, the numerous combinations we can work with and a dozen other factors. Our expert load masters come with over 15 years of active experience, ensuring a safe flight.

  1. Highly experienced loadmasters, certified on various aircraft types:
    • B747-400/8F
    • B777F
    • A300-600F
    • MD-11/DC-10F, among others
  2. Complete load plan and W&B
  3. Supervision of loading and off-loading
  4. Odd-sized cargo / dangerous goods
  5. Loadability study
  6. Assistance in acceptance
  7. Consultation on pallet build-up to ensure safety and avoid delays
  8. Advise on shoring requirements

Charter Operations

Every charter is a specialized assignment. At AGOS, we have handled an array of charter operations, for varied purposes across the globe. Our end-to-end charter services make for a smooth experience where you don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Supervise and co-ordinate complete turnaround with various agencies for seamless operations
  2. Make payments on behalf of the operator